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How do you Decide Which CBD to buy?

Posted by Blue Ridge Botanicals on Jul 1st 2019

Confused about CBD? All CBD Oils are not created equal. Nor are all labels clear and concise on exactly what is in each bottle. In fact, they can be quite confusing. That's why we are dedicating this month's blog to explain CBD Oils and their labeling. Not exciting, but necessary in order to get the highest benefit from CBD Oil. This will explain why some CBD Hemp Oils are a lot less expensive than other brands while appearing to be the same product as the higher priced ones.

CBD Hemp Oil labeling is supposed to be standardized across the industry and it is different from what we, as consumers, are accustomed to. When you buy a bottle of aspirin 200 mg, you know that each tablet is 200 mg. Due to different concentrations per mg that isn't how CBD Oils are labeled. The milligram amount listed on the bottle is THE TOTAL MILLIGRAM AMOUNT FOR THE ENTIRE BOTTLE not per serving.

In the examples below, notice the concentration per serving doesn't change when a larger bottle is used though the milligrams per bottle increases. When you go from a 500 mg, 1 oz bottle to a 2 oz bottle, the total milligrams changes to 1000 (500 mg x 2 ounces) but the concentration remains 16.7 mg per serving.

Here are some label examples showing the differences:

You should always pay attention to the mg per serving which is what you are paying for. There are some labels with seemingly random numbers; however, when you read the fine print, the milligrams in the bottle and CBD per serving don’t match. It is misleading and may alert you that there are other products possibly diluting the concentration. Most CBD is diluted with MCT, which is coconut oil, to arrive at the proper milligram per serving. Any “fillers” should be noted in the ingredients. Blue Ridge Botanicals CBD products contain only CBD, MCT, and a small amount of natural flavoring.

Another important consideration is whether or not a company has had their products third-party tested. Are the test results available on their website? And are the results available from the testing lab? Do their test results match their label? Was the laboratory accredited?

We hope this helped in clarifying CBD Hemp Oil and how to compare products. Whichever brand of CBD Oil you choose to purchase is up to you. Blue Ridge Botanicals feel strongly about providing not only quality products, but also, transparent information regarding these products to maximize their benefits. Feel free to call us if you have any questions or concerns. We appreciate your feedback and comments. Thank You, BRB