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We offer several of our great Essential Oil blends in an inhaler package. Your inhaler comes complete with everything you need to get started:  Inhaler tube & end cap, cotton cylinder, and a 5 ml bottle of the essential oil blend. You can find these products under their respective essential oil blends or click the links below.

Calm Essential Oil Blend  This aromatic blend of 100% pure Lavender, Chamomile, and other oils is known to reduce stress and help clear & calm the mind. Inhale the wonderful fragrance for a bit of serenity any time during your day or evening.  

Headache Relief Blend  It is estimated that more than half of the adult population worldwide experiences occasional headaches, with the most common type being a tension headache. Staying hydrated, eating healthy meals regularly, and consistently getting enough sleep can help prevent many headaches naturally, but sometimes we can't do that or our headaches are not tension related. Our Headache Relief blend combines many essential oils all known for their traditional use in alleviating headaches or migraines.

Legend Immunity Blend Our Legend is a powerful immunity boosting blend of 100% pure essential oils combined to help your body fight off germs. It works as a powerful antiseptic, antiviral, and anti-infectious addition to your germ-fighting arsenal. The oils combine to create a spicy, exotic aroma to brighten your home and spirits. Using Blue Ridge Botanicals Legend Blend along with frequent hand washing is a great first line of defense for staying healthy in the upcoming season. We use it ourselves and hope you will too.  And, it smells great!

Nausea Relief Blend Nausea is such an unpleasant and icky sensation that can feel never ending at times. Nausea can be defined as a feeling of sickness with an inclination to vomit. We have combined many of the top natural remedies studies have shown bring relief of your symptoms. It is a great option for women afflicted with morning sickness or those who suffer from motion sickness as it helps to alleviate your symptoms naturally. 

Sinus Blend Essential Oil Blend Blend of 100% all-natural Essential Oils - Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Rosemary, and Lemon which are known to help with sinus problems and when combined, make a powerful tonic to give relief for sinus congestion and pain.  

Vertigo Relief Blend  Stress and inflammation both seem to raise the risks for vertigo. We have combined several oils known for their de-stressing and anti-inflammatory properties and created a pleasant aromatherapy blend that can help relieve your vertigo symptoms. The more stressed you are, the less likely you are to exercise regularly and get good sleep — both of which you really need if you’re prone to developing vertigo. Natural stress relievers like using essential oils, exercising, yoga, meditation, taking warm baths, and spending more time outdoors may all help relieve your vertigo symptoms.

Wake Up Sunshine Essential Oil Blend  All-natural blend of Grapefruit, Peppermint and Rosemary pure essential oils.  Wake Up Sunshine is a zesty and exhilarating way to start your day.  This blend will Wake Up your mind and body plus it has a fresh clean aroma.  Refresh your spirit throughout the day with this convenient, portable carrier.

Walk in the Woods Essential Oil Blend  A blend 100% pure essential oils of evergreens (white and balsam fir) and peppermint. A stimulating and refreshing experience, like a morning walk in the woods all day long with the inhaler. Helps with clear up sinus problems and congestion.


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