With Jojoba Oil

These wonderful essential oils are blended with Jojoba Oil. This pre-blending lowers the risk of skin irritation and will allow the aroma to last longer on your skin while saving you $$.

  • Chamomile with Jojoba Oil

    Chamomile with Jojoba Oil

    Ingredients:  100% Pure Roman Chamomile (3% dilution) and Jojoba Oil Roman Chamomile essential oil has a calming and soothing aroma promoting balance for your mind and body. It has homeopathic properties for exceptional skin care and repair;...

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  • Heliochrysum with Jojoba Oil

    Heliochrysum with Jojoba Oil

    Ingredients:  100% Pure Heliochrysum (3% dilution) and Jojoba Oil Heliochrysum essential oil is soothing for skin irritations and has been used for relieving acne and blemishes. The warm and earthy aroma is soothing for the senses and nourishing...

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