Legend Immunity Blend

Legend Immunity Blend

Aug 15th 2019

Legend has all good stories begin, so does this one. A legend passed down through generations of healers that continues to stir the imagination today. And, as is true for many legends, an element of truth runs through it.

Legend has it that during a very dark period of human history known as The Black Death or The Plague, there were certain people who took advantage of the situation by robbing the dead while managing to avoid contracting the disease themselves. This particular legend centers around a band of men known as The Four Thieves. It is said that when these men entered the homes of the dead and dying to pillage and plunder, they wore scarfs infused with a blend of herbs that were thought to protect and prevent them from getting the disease themselves. No small feat as a quarter of Europe's population was being wiped out.

What was this magic blend? Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary. This is where the story becomes even more fascinating. Not only have these five herbs and spices withstood the test of time as anti-microbials and immune system enhancers among herbalists, mountain folk and the like, but there are numerous studies today that prove their germ fighting ability. These studies were performed by reputable sources, i.e. NIH and others who confirm their antibacterial and antiviral effectiveness.

Our Blue Ridge Botanicals Legend Blend is 100% pure and contains the essential oils from these five herbs and spices. Along with being a powerful immunity booster, it, also, has a wonderful spicy and exotic aroma. You can use Legend in your diffuser or combine it with a carrier oil for topical applications.

Legend is, also, available in inhaler and roll-on form for convenient use throughout the day (when you are most likely to come in contact with cold and flu viruses). Using Blue Ridge Botanicals Legend Blend along with frequent hand washing is a great first line of defense for staying healthy in the upcoming season. We use it ourselves and hope you will too.

As always, Blue Ridge Botanicals stands behind its products and we are here to assist you whenever needed. Thank you for your business. You are appreciated!